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Why Do Frenchies Cost So Much?

Often Overlooked Facts

  • Our #1 priority is to be great stewards of the breed, good breeders know the history of  their dog's lineage to ensure they are top quality and will not pass on any genetic diseases or other problems to their puppies. 

  • Health Testing, though often requested, is not as accurate a predictor of health issues, as the genetic testing labs tout it as being. It is better to know the history of the parents, grandparents and great grandparents.

  • Almost all French Bulldogs have to be artificially inseminated, to ensure high probability of success.

  • They also have to have c-sections as they can have major issues for the mother birthing naturally and or lose puppies. 

  • Since they have to be artificially inseminated and have a c-section, breeders have to do progesterone testing as well to time everything just right. 

  • Most French Bulldogs have small litters (3-5 usually). 

  • Sometimes they will only have 1 puppy!

Cost Breakdown

DNA genetic testing - $200

Health Screening - $200-$300

Stud Fee - The studs we select are typically $5,000-$6,500 or more depending on quality and color of stud

Progesterone tests - About $120 each (Usually need about 5 or 6)

Artificial Insemination (Depends on type) - $60-$750

C-section - $1,500-$3,500 (The high end would be after hours  emergency vet)

Whelping supplies - $500 and up

Puppy health check and vaccinations - $100 each

Puppy microchips - $40 each


Puppy Health Certificate if going out of state - $80 each

These costs don't even include time off work, incubator, whelping pen, cleaning supplies, emergencies that could come up with mom or pups, food for mom, supplements, and a million other things that could happen along the way. We love our pups and love sharing them with everyone, but it's not cheap to breed Frenchies!

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