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How to Reserve a Puppy:


Contact Us!

Text, call, email, or click here to message us through Facebook.

Communication is key! The easiest way to avoid being scammed is to talk to the breeder!

We are always willing to talk to you on the phone, or send you pics, or video chat with you.

If a breeder is unwilling to do any of these things to ensure you feel comfortable, you may be getting scammed. Unfortunately we too often hear stories of people losing deposits or complete payments.


We will do whatever it takes to make you feel comfortable and assure you

that we are not too good to be true!

Waiting List

Contact us to be placed on our waiting list and we will alert you when we have new litters available. This does not reserve you a place in line, just gets you an alert that we have new litters available.


Place a Deposit

Deposits are non refundable except certain instances.

We have many clients who choose to place deposits with us long before we have puppies available. This reserves them a place in line to select a puppy. If we don't have the color or sex you are looking for, you can choose not to select a puppy and we will retain your position in line for a year. If after that year we do not have a puppy you want to adopt we will refund your deposit or you can choose to continue to hold your position.

Deposits are $500, once you have a deposit and selected a puppy, it is yours to purchase. If you change your mind you can move your deposit to another available puppy. Then your first selection becomes available to the next person on the list.

Current Deposit List in Order

We always reserve the right to keep puppies first.

Brittney D.

Tina J.

Alyssa & Kevin C.



Picking Up Your New Puppy

We prefer new parents come pick up their puppy in person.

However, sometimes that can't happen. We typically use Animal Transport Worldwide to fly puppies from airport to airport.

See their website for general pricing.

Special arrangements can sometimes be made, just ask!

All puppies must be paid in full before they leave our possession.

We do not offer payment plans.

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